Itziar Zorita. Bilbao 24/4/1980 Graduate in audiovisual communication and a doctoral research fellow in the performing arts and technology. Her experience spans production and audiovisual creation, and the research, management and design of cultural projects.

Oihane Espúñez. Madrid 19/11/1980 Having graduated in fine arts, the focus of her professional experience has been as a manager and cultural mediator in the sociocultural and educational field; designing awareness raising campaigns, collaborating on educational intervention projects, international cooperation, etc.

Anna Mundet. Barcelona 13/08/1986. Graduated in Psychology and being a Doctor of Pedagogy in Artistic languages as a tool to promote resilience. Her professional experience transits between teaching in Social Work degree (University of Barcelona) and doing research related on social projects through art.

Sonia Villamor. Bilbao 05/07/1975  actress, director and drama teacher.

Aranzazu Calleja. Bilbao 22/8/1977 Fine arts graduate, violin teacher and composer of audiovisual music. She expanded her studies in Barcelona and later at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. What drives her interest in pinpointing a personal language are the diverse sources of learning she has imbibed from and the eclectic way she understands artistic creation.

Mariona Solé. Barcelona 28/6/1983 Graduate in journalism, freelance videomaker, specialist in editing and motion graphics. Works in the field of reporting, educational and awareness-raising video and documentaries.

Iker Espúñez. Vitoria-Gasteiz 8/9/1978 Graduate in audiovisual communication, he has worked as a journalist and broadened out his training in documentary cinema in Barcelona. Has produced various documentaries with social themes and awareness-raising videos for different social organizations.

Carlos García Peláez. Elche 17/1/1978 Fine Arts graduate. Plastic artist and graphic designer.

Laura Solé. Barcelona 23/12/1987 She graduated in Audiovisual Communication and has specialized in Cultural Management. Her professional experience is rooted in the production and communication of cinematographic, theatrical, and circus and dance projects.