Mobiolak is an artists’ collective and our work involves the creation and production of artistic projects and cultural mediation. We believe in the capacity of artistic practices as a medium for generating collaborative, horizontal and participative spaces between different social and cultural agents. The projects we develop arise from a perspective of social transformation and stand at a point of junction between education, participatory processes and community art.

We work through artistic methodologies that cover a range that takes in the Live Arts, the Audiovisual and artistic Research-Experimentation. All these artistic tools help us to produce spaces for participation and to set projects in motion with and for concrete collectives (teenagers, the women’s collective, the child’s collective, etc.).

We collaborate with social and cultural organizations in the public and private sphere such as NGOs, associations and public institutions (cultural and educational).

We engage in projects that encompass the following possibilities:

  • Participatory workshops through theatre: social theatre techniques, community theatre
  • Participatory workshops through video: community video
  • Cultural mediation processes
  • Audiovisual projects: documentary video, didactic video
  • Projects of experimentation and artistic creation

Through our approach and methodologies we contribute a critical attitude towards the reality that surrounds us, making visible the invisible, generating new contexts of collaboration and participation, activating thought, creativity and action.